We believe in proper software engineering

We’re specialists in developing online business systems, but we see ourselves as more than software developers – we’re engineers.

Our team are all familiar with our Foundations™ platform and its components, and are all focused on delivering a solution that’s right for you.

The systems we design, build and maintain are cost-effective and fit-for-purpose, but have also been engineered so they can integrate with other systems – and so they can change as your business evolves.

We take time to understand your business and your industry

With every new client relationship and every new project, we work hard to find out all we can about your business and its drivers, simply because it’s the best way to deliver a solution that works. 

We know the technology inside out – building software that works isn’t an issue. The key ingredient is a deep understanding of what matters to you. 

You may already know what you want your system to do but do you really know what you need? Our analysts work with you to provide a fresh perspective – they put all their previous knowledge and experience to good use to help your business. 

We're large enough to deliver yet small enough to care

From complex online systems built to handle millions of transactions and store huge amounts of data, to simple business systems designed for a single department to run more efficiently, we’ve delivered hundreds of projects, with budgets ranging from thousands to millions of pounds.

But the service we offer is personal.  Work with us and you’ll have a close working relationship with at least one of our Directors.  Every member of our team will work to understand your business, your needs and your project – and every member genuinely cares about the work we do.

We deliver value for money and reduce risk

Our approach is different, and offers real added value.  Our Foundations™ development platform provides a real head start which we can build on together.

It’s a well-engineered framework and set of components that handles the common components that most business systems share out of the box.  So instead of building basics, we can focus our efforts on the bespoke elements that will meet your needs and deliver the competitive edge.  It’s a tried and tested platform, helping us reduce risk, while its adaptability means you shape your software around your processes, not the other way around.