We deliver business systems that boost performance

We specialise in developing online business systems - typically central, line of business applications which often replace an array of legacy systems -  joining up processes and managing whole businesses or departments. 

Many of the systems we develop are 'mission-critical' systems - where reliability, scalability and security are vital. 

Here's a brief overview of just some of the ways we have improved businesses:

  • Helping organisations meet international and national regulations - systems to help regulators work more effectively and efficiently such as international ship registries, aircraft registries and company registries
  • Collecting and distributing data for more informed decision making - online portals and databases including the Police National Statistics Database or the NHS Pharmacy Catalogue 
  • Increasing productivity  - business systems that streamline processes and help people be more productive such as a case management system for the Isle of Man Probation Service or a time saving system that automatically extracts parts data from pdf documents for Centrica
  • Knowledge sharing - portals to provide instant access to information such as the Ask the Police portal and mobile apps or Help for Victims website
  • Improving customer service - online self service portals which are available 24/7 - for example, an online seafarers portal for the Bahamas Maritime Authority
  • Shared services - central systems that are used by multiple organisations helping to reduce costs - including a pan Government car leasing portal and an education, skills and careers portal for the Isle of Man
  • Digital transformation - we help organisations join digital technologies together - breaking down the barrier between legacy systems and new systems of engagement - for example, working with the Isle of Man Government to deliver online services

Our teams can provide a complete service including graphic design and usability right through to data migration, hosting and ongoing support. 

We also have a wealth of integration experience - ensuring that our systems integrate effectively with third party or legacy software, from address gazetteers through to payment engines (and plenty in between). 

Whilst quality software engineering is at PDMS’ core, integral to our personalised service approach are our customer-oriented project teams, who are responsible for clients’ systems and the early and on-going delivery of software solutions; our focus on achieving the business benefits and outcomes that really matter to our customers; and our commitment to strong, long-term, personal relationships and collaboration with our employees, customers and suppliers.

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Working with PDMS is more like a partnership. They take time to understand our operation and how it operates as a business. Dick Welsh Director, Isle of Man Ship Registry