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A Modern Solution to a Modern Problem

Businesses generate a significant amount of digital data online. You may be struggling to transform your data into insights, or even to capture the right data in the first place. Our Data Intelligence Service service "Insights" has been designed to assist businesses in gathering and using their digital data effectively to drive actionable, customer-centric insights.

By combining strategy, implementation, optimisation and training,  Insights can help you leverage the power of your data to increase revenue, profitability, productivity and efficiency. Through our ongoing monitoring and reporting process, we provide realistic strategic direction and practical recommendations to help companies achieve their goals and objectives through data-driven decision making.


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Our Process

An over-planned data intelligence project is often doomed to fail. The objective of the Insights service is to discover and analyse data that is being overlooked or misunderstood, which makes it impossible to plan in detail.

Instead, by employing an iterative approach, we can effectively break high-level business goals into achievable tasks that allow us to deliver value and insight on an ongoing basis. Businesses and organisations have to constantly improve, evolve and adapt. Our Insights service is designed to do the same.

Tools & Technology

What We Deliver

As part of the setup process, we visit our clients to host a short workshop that establishes a working relationship as well as identifying the organisation’s goals and objectives.

From here, our suite of data intelligence tools and services are setup and configured according to the service level and specific needs of the client. These tools are then monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure data collection and organisation is accurate and efficient.

Finally, a comprehensive report is delivered quarterly, along with a series of recommendations. A presentation/meeting can be arranged to deliver and discuss the report and its findings.

We believe that digital intelligence and analytics is a continual process, which is why we monitor business data on an ongoing basis and deliver comprehensive quarterly reports. This retainer-style service allows businesses to take full advantage of their data on a macro scale, benefiting from seasonal and user behaviour trends, as well as identifying where their data-driven efforts are providing value.

The cost of such retained work is structured around a company’s budget, and provides a financial saving compared with supporting the equivalent resource/expertise internally. Clients are provided with a single point of contact that is actively working on and familiar with their data and objectives, and only pay for specialist skills when they are being used.