How Foundations™ benefits you

Most business systems, whatever their function, have a common set of basic requirements and functions – for example capturing data, storing it securely, processing it and reporting it. In most systems you also need to set up and administer user’s permissions, authenticate those users and audit their activity.

Foundations handles these core activities and many more straight out of the box, leaving us to focus on delivering the unique elements specific to your needs – the areas where we can add real value for your business.

In many ways, we are like a builder. To create your house, we’d start with a timber frame, we’d add components like doors and windows and we’d bring the tools for the job like hammers and saws. Foundations provides the framework, the components and the tools – and we add the rest, like your vaulted windows, or the conservatory or whatever else your home needs.

While we’ve invested significant time, expertise and capital in creating Foundations, it doesn’t come with a huge fee.  In fact, we typically don’t charge our clients for using it – only for the time taken to build the extras and to bring everything together into one coherent and cohesive system.

However, it’s not an approach we have developed purely to keep your costs low.  Using a standard basis for unique systems is best practice within all engineering disciplines – because having tried and trusted systems, processes and components means we don’t have to start from scratch every time. And, because we have built on those same Foundations so many times, we know that it’s a robust and reliable system.