Platform based solutions to help local authorities and local communities

In the Community & Collaboration Solutions Division of PDMS, we are committed to using technology to make your life easier in practical ways - at work and in the community.

Our two flagship solutions within the C&C Division are PDMS SignedUp and PDMS Context. Both are platform based and provide the tools to allow individuals, organisations and public authorities to interact efficiently in the interest of the individual whatever their role in society.

Today there’s a great deal of talk about citizen-centric systems but in essence, all most of these systems do is contain data about citizens which is then often held by one organisation or an individual department within an organisation.

With PDMS SignedUp we are turning this model on its head – providing a set of online tools and services used by members in a local region to help address skills and employability issues.  We allow our members to store and share personal and operational information online without claiming any ownership of the data – helping to ensure GDPR compliance.  We enable people to share information conveniently and accountably in order to access services they want to consume.  We create an online platform for collaboration and community interaction without compromising your privacy and without intrusive advertising.

Working with LEPs and Local Authorities we are also creating new commercial models to help these organisations provide self-sustaining services and even generate new revenue. For more information, please visit 

PDMS Context is an online platform which can help Councils identify, track and report on the root causes of people’s problems and assist with trying to resolve these rather than just focussing on the presenting problems. 

The platform is designed to support service transformation by associating demands with system blockages and constraints, all of which can be tied back to the organisation's strategic objectives. Informed decisions can be made on the basis of what is actually happening rather than what might be happening.

The presenting problem is typically the symptom of another – addressing the root causes results in reducing demand which significantly reduces costs. Intervening earlier, helps avoid problems becoming more complex, reducing the interactions with multiple services and agencies – again reducing costs. To find out more about PDMS Context, please visit our product pages