Digital Signature Technology

In today's digital world, the need for additional layers of security has become more important to protect businesses and the end consumer.

As the digital services world evolves, the ability to complete or sign documents digitally has become more important. There are a number of business considerations to align with important levels of electronic signing all surrounding the usual ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’

  •        Is the ‘signing entity’ who they say they are?  - a ‘trusted identity’
  •        Can the signature and associated identity be validated?
  •        Does the signing model provide legal assurance?

Digital signing technology acts as an assurance that the document issuer is authentic and the document has not been tampered with. PDMS has teamed up with GlobalSign to provide a  digital signing service based on the more secure Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) model.


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PDMS Blueprint Discovery Process

The PDMS Blueprint Discovery process is the best way to ensure you get the best return on your technology investment by ensuring everyone involved has an in-depth understanding of the goals and scope of your digital project.

It involves a short, but intense, period of research, investigations, analysis and planning to help clarify your goals – providing the most effective start to any software project.   It is a great way to help deal with the uncertainty which is present at the onset of any digital project and helps to avoid the ambiguities and misunderstandings that can lead to scope creep further down the line, and ultimately, wasted time and money.

Depending on the nature and complexity of your project, a discovery process will help you and all your various stakeholders understand the business context in which a project is being undertaken. Many digital projects are derailed by issues relating to change management or operational business challenges rather than the implementation of new technologies or platforms.

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Digital Consultancy

PDMS can help you navigate and make sense of the ‘digital chaos’ that we currently live in.  With more than 25 years’ experience in helping organisations to use digital technology effectively, without the hype, PDMS has a unique perspective to guide you from digital chaos to digital productivity.

Heritage (legacy) systems have often benefited from significant investment over their lifetime and can contain a vast amount of data. They are often very complex, touching many different aspects of an organisation’s business and its processes and are, therefore, also extremely critical to the organisations that rely on them.  Replacing these systems with new more up to date technology platforms often comes with significant risk and higher risk leads to higher costs.

An often-overlooked alternative to a wholesale lift and shift replacement of an existing system, based on an older technology stack, is to consider the viability of upgrading these systems using new digital technologies. 

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PDMS Websights Analytics Service

We can help you use your data effectively to drive actionable, customer-centric insights.  

Our Websights Service can help you clearly see what is happening on your website and, importantly, provide practical recommendations on how you can improve your web presence to better meet your business goals.

Understanding analytics from different sources and tools can be complex and time consuming. We make it easy by helping to pull the data together (ensuring tools are set up correctly or setting them up so they are customised for you). We then carry out the detailed analysis of your data highlighting what is working well and where improvements need to be made.  Following analysis, we prioritize the opportunities to optimise your website and discuss with you what changes should be made.  We can then evaluate the impact of these changes and continue the process.

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