SignedUp is an innovative digital platform that enables collaboration and partnership between key stakeholders to join up employability initiatives, opportunities and pathways in local areas.

PDMS Employed is an advanced employability and skills portal used to manage a diverse range of employability and skills related services. Built in collaboration with employers, local government and education providers, it has been designed to work for everyone involved. By making employablity and skills services more efficient, targeted, visible, reportable and joined-up, PDMS Employed is truly changing the way employability and skills services are managed and delivered.

PDMS Employed is continually and is flexible enough to cope with any future local or central government employment and skills initiatives and programmes.

  • Programme management – Manage work experience, CPD, apprenticeships, placement and much more through this customisable feature
  • Case management – keep up to date case records against individuals within your network reporting – produce reports on key objectives to ensure targets are being met
  • Internal messaging – communicate with employers, individuals, administrators through the system
  • Applicant tracking – Track individuals throughout separate journeys to ensure positive destinations
  • Custom forms – customise application forms for a variety of opportunities or programmes
  • Custom workflow – customise workflow to ensure productivity
  • CV building – create CV’s and build a personal profile and put them in front of employers

As part of our service we can also provide a branded website which integrates with the PDMS Employed platform helping to sign post important information and resources. We can also provide data feeds from PDMS Employed e.g. job vacancies (all or by sector) or work placement opportunities.

To find out more please visit the PDMS Employed website.