I-Con360 is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system for customers in manufacturing, contracting, distribution and finance markets. It comprises fully integrated product sets including Financial, Contracting, Sales Order Processing & Distribution, Engineering, Production Control, Materials & Procurement and Planning.

I-CON360 is a comprehensive solution focused on the manufacturing, contracting, finance and distribution markets which integrates all functional areas of the business.

It is a fully portable, scalable and flexible finance system designed specifically for the enterprise-wide computing environment.

Following its experience with CIMPAC, PDMS changed its design philosophy with I-CON360. Rather than create customer-specific versions, there is one version of the product from which all customers benefit. Any developments carried out are given to all, with the option to switch on or off as desired.

Extending the core functions of a standard CIMPAC system, the design & functionality of I-CON360 has been built on first-hand knowledge of the manufacturing, contracting and financial markets. I-CON360 consists of several fully integrated product sets:

  • Financial Suite
  • Contracting Suite
  • Sales Order Processing & Distribution
  • Engineering Suite
  • Production Control
  • Materials & Procurement
  • Planning

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