Kathryn is one of our Senior Analysts responsible for the research and analysis of complex problems or domains for our clients and their users.  She mentors and trains junior members of staff, sharing her analysis and UX Design knowledge. 

Kathryn joined PDMS in 2018 and has over 15 years of analysis experience developing solutions for companies in the Finance Sector. She has worked on a wide variety of PDMS projects, most recently on those requiring an Agile project methodology focusing on the needs of real users and their stories to deliver incremental value.       

Outside of work, Kathryn enjoys a regular CrossFit style gym boot camp and is a keen dancer.  Kathryn holds IIBA CBAP certification, Disciplined Agilest 1&2 certification, User Experience (IDF) certification.  She is also currently studying towards her Professional Diploma in UX Design. 

  • Year Joined 2018

  • Favourite gym exercise Boxjump

  • Tidy desk rating 99%

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Were the teachers lying when they said my kids were a joy to teach?

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