We have recently renamed our Controlled Document Portal to DoxShare.

We decided that DoxShare better reflected the core attributes our product which allows you to securely share and control your organisation's key documents.

We've also just released version 2.1 which includes a number of new features such as:

  •  automatic virus-checking of uploaded documents,
  • the ability to turn off email notifications for individual users, and
  • the ability to filter/search documents to show all those that the individual user has not yet read (not downloaded).

The latest release also provides a number of enhancements to give DoxShare administrators more control. They can now:

  •  switch between different colour schemes/ themes for the system,
  • create custom fields to describe unique document features and so enhance the filtering/ searching of documents,
    download all documents in the system in a zip file, and
  • delete all the contents in the system ('offboard' from the service).

If you are interested in DoxShare find out more here, or alternatively why not contact us for a no obligation, free trial.