Workforce solutions

Are you looking to make your administrative processes in the field more efficient? We’re mobile experts, with the technical ability and business understanding to enable you to realise massive savings by fully integrating workforce management solutions.

We can connect your mobile workers to one central system for improved point of service and data capture, and have your field staff access real time information immediately from their mobile devices, increasing productivity whilst saving time and money.  We can also seamlessly integrate your solution to any of your existing back office systems, which means that we can provide you with a flexible solution to fit your business requirements – not the other way around.

Here’s some other benefits of enabling your team to work more effectively in the field:

  • One time data capture into a central system cuts out duplication and reduces costly administrative overheads
  • Mobile computing increases the accuracy of data
  • Teams can better self-manage stock levels, schedules and orders remotely
  • Mobile workers have instant access to the information and data they need to deal with customer queries and service issues on the spot, increasing customer satisfaction and increasing your workforces’ productivity  
  • Better workforce management – you can access real time audit trails of employee output and utilise reporting for more informed decision making
  • Enabling mobile working decreases travel and improves carbon footprints – all processes can be done remotely with no need to return to the office to complete paper based administration tasks.

With our track record and experience in software engineering, we understand the issues around mobile workforce solutions – we know that managing content, security, back end integration and deployment are vital to success. Which is why take the time to thoroughly understand your business requirements before we even start developing your solution. 

Our approach to development also ensures that your mobile workforce solution is easy to use and has an interface that’s “on brand” for your business, using our own team of in-house graphic designers.  Coupled with the expertise from our support and infrastructure team, we have the whole process under control – from requirements analysis and design, to development, testing, deployment and support.  Our solutions are also provided on a cost effective managed service basis, providing all hosting, maintenance and disaster recovering – reducing the pressure on your own internal IT infrastructure. 


Could a mobile solution benefit your organisation?

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Many Police Officers in England and Wales have been issued with mobile devices and the mobile version means they have access to the large database of questions and answers whilst they are out on the beat. Nigel Hughes Director Police National Legal Database