Developing secure and integrated mobile business apps

We’re enterprise experts, with the technical ability and business understanding to enable you to launch your content in the mobile world.

Core business is becoming more and more mobile, how we do business is changing and in the competitive marketplace, it’s just not good enough to have a second rate mobile app.

PDMS can provide your organisation with the skills needed to produce professional iPhone, iPad or Android applications. Our developers are highly experienced in the production of business intelligence systems and mobile apps, ensuring that your project is produced with a thorough understanding of your business requirements and seamlessly integrates with any of your back end functionality.

We can significantly add value if you are looking for a database driven mobile app that needs to display data relative to a user's geographic location, or information orientated apps which deliver content updated on a regular basis.  We can also develop apps which access your corporate resources and interface with existing legacy systems.  Whatever your requirements, we’ll choose the most suitable solution that’s right for you – and we’ll guide you every step of the way.  

With our track record and experience in software engineering we also understand the issues around managing content, security, back-end integration, and deployment across different networks.  Importantly, what really sets us apart from other app developers is that we’re particularly experienced in integration with existing business systems, using API and other services to allow you to expose your data securely to your customers (or potential customers) on a mobile platform.  Such integrations enables your staff to work effectively from remote locations, or whilst out on the road – a growing necessity for a mobile, global workforce!  

Our in-house graphic design team also work closely with our development team to ensure that your app interface is "on brand", which means it not only works well but it looks good too and is easy to use.  Coupled with the expertise from our support and infrastructure team, we have the whole process of enterprise level mobile app creation under control – from requirements analysis and design, to development and testing in accordance with industry standards.  We’ll even take care of the liaison with and approval by the Apple and Android App stores, and with our ‘lean’ development approach and agile focus, we test ideas quickly to provide you with a smooth development process.  

If you’re looking for the complete experience, we also provide web design for application promotion, as well as branding and marketing collateral for your business.


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I am very pleased that we have been able to create this enterprise grade iPad app in partnership with PDMS. Responding to client demand, we have been able to integrate industry leading technologies from Microsoft and Apple using best practices such as REST APIs, encryption and responsive design to create an app getting a great response from end users Barry Smart IT Director and Partner, Hymans Robertson