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At PDMS, our technology solutions and partnership approach helps our clients to solve business challenges, align strategic objectives and stay ahead of the competition. We deliver secure, scalable online solutions and continually scan the competitive landscape to identify innovative opportunities for our clients to embrace technology to become industry leaders.

Our maritime technology solutions:

Enterprise software for ship registries

Already in use by five of the world’s leading International Ship Registries, MARIS has been designed to manage all the key business functions of a Ship Registry, providing a central database to help registries run more efficiently, reduce costs and provide a first class service to customers and stakeholders, whilst helping them meet international IMO, PSC, STCW, ILO and MLC requirements.

Key features of MARIS include:

  • Comprehensive reporting for internal management purposes and for IMO audits
  • Online services allows for self-service features which frees up staff time by passing input time to the client
  • Managing all financial transactions in one single system
  • Workflow management helps registries to work efficiently 
  • Documents can be securely stored in MARIS
  • Data can be entered into MARIS while offline, which is then automatically uploaded once on a secure connection 

Online services

By definition, online services are any information and or services provident on the internet. Migrating these services online means that maritime companies (and all companies) can help save time, money and increase efficiencies by asking clients to input their own information. Customers have welcomed this shift to digital channels, with many people being happy to carry out a multitude of activities online. 

Read our whitepaper about online services and business benefits it can bring to clients here.

Digital signing and digital document validation

In today's digital world, the need for additional layers of security has become more important to protect businesses and the end consumer. Using digital signing technology allows for verified certificates can be provided efficiently and cost-effectively.

Digital signing technology acts as an assurance that the document issuer is authentic and the document has not been tampered with. More information about digital signing is available here.

Ferry reservation & ticketing software services

PDMS’ Transport & Ticketing division is focused on the development of ferry reservation and ticketing solutions, together with smart and mobile ticketing solutions for the wider transport sector.

  • ITSO certified mobile ticketing for your ferry needs
  • Secure and inter-operable ticketing compatible with other transport operators
  • Rugged and completely waterproof mobile android ticketing device which is designed to operate in any environment 
  • Improved customer experience resulting in faster check-ins and reduced queuing 

Website design and digital engagement optimisation

Our digital and design team design, develop and build websites working closely with our clients. It gives clients the best of both worlds – creative flair with in-depth technical expertise. 

Our websites are easy to edit too. We can advise on a content management system that will work and we’ll also ensure you have the necessary training and support you need to get the best out of your website. We can also provide a range of additional support services from copywriting and photography through to videos and exhibition materials. More information about our services can be found here.

The PDMS difference:

Our enterprise business solutions provide a platform for improved business efficiencies and productivity, including enhanced digital customer services and the ability to align our solutions with your long-term strategic objectives. We take the time to gain a deep understanding of your business landscape, stakeholders and strategic objectives and from this, advise you on where and how PDMS’ solutions could make the most significant impact. In short, we work hard to ensure we function as your trusted technology partner.

A recent example of solution evolution can be seen in a digital service enhancement for our client the Isle of Man Ship Registry (IOMSR) going live with ‘PDMS’ digital signing service’ delivered through their PDMS ship registry solution, helping to protect their position as one of the world’s leading ship registries. Digital signing acts as an assurance that the document or certificate issuer is authentic, can be validated and it has not been tampered with. For IOMSR and their clients this has meant that crew certification can be provided almost instantly, helping to reduce possible detentions and helping to speed up port state control checks.

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We are proud to be actively involved in the maritime sector, including attending internationally targeted events such as London Shipping Week. Through these activities we aim to promote and raise the profile of the Island as a jurisdiction in which to conduct and engage with leading maritime businesses and their services. Bruce McGregor Director, PDMS