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Public sector accessibility: today's the day

Insight Published on 23 September 2020

Today (23rd September 2020) is the day that public sector websites published before 23rd September 2018 have a legal duty to be accessible.

Like many other countries and regions including the USA and Europe, the UK Government’s accessibility regulations reference the WCAG 2.1 which exist to ensure that online public services are inclusive and accessible to all.

In order to achieve this, the Government are recommending public organisations follow a four step guide to ensure compliance:

  1. Understand how the regulations will impact your organisation
  2. Decide how to check you website or app for accessibility problems
  3. Make a plan to fix any accessibility problems you find
  4. Publish an accessibility statement

PDMS has been working with a number of clients for quite a while now in order to help make their public sector websites and services meet the criteria. Not all of our clients have needed to embark on large or costly projects. 

Some clients just needed a helping hand with one particular aspect, like writing an accessibility statement or some training on using their content management system in a way which ensures content remains accessible.

There is a wealth of material available online if you are interested in finding out more about accessibility. 

In addition, this official accessibility guidance may be useful,  or view this video created by Government Digital Services (GDS) that has more detail about what you need to do if you run a public sector digital service.

Mobile apps need to be accessible by 23 June 2021.

Learn more 

Visit the official UK government accessibility guidance


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