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About the Companies Registry

The Isle of Man Companies Registry is the Isle of Man equivalent of Companies House in the United Kingdom.  Within the registry, there are eight distinct registries, each with their own legislation, feeds and statutory filing obligations. 

The vision for the Companies Registry is to be a world class provider of registry services, making a positive contribution to the Isle of Man Government’s aspiration of being a world class International Business Centre providing a competitive, accessible and innovative business friendly location.

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What problem was the Isle of Man Companies Registry trying to solve?

The Companies Registry was using a number of legacy electronic and manual paper-based systems. The systems used outdated technology platforms which were unreliable, expensive to support and due to their age, could not be adapted to the changing business environment. This meant that staff were working with paper-based systems and were not able to answer client enquiries as quickly as they would have liked.

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After reviewing the market place and undertaking a competitive tender process, the Registry selected software company PDMS to design, develop and implement a new system.

Our team worked very closely with the Companies Registry team to understand what their requirements were for a new system. As part of this, consumers of the services, both in Government and in the private sector attended workshops to input how the system was designed and to ensure that it would meet their needs.




The solution

We built COREGSIS (Companies Registry Single Integrated System) moving processes online to help improve services to its stakeholders. Online services would radically improve the way Companies Registry provides services to its users primarily by making it easier to do business with the Registry – a key part of the Isle of Man Government’s Digital Strategy.

A phased approach to the implementation was planned, with the first phase launched in September 2015 and the second phase was delivered in 2016. COREGSIS has helped Isle of Man Companies Registry ensure reliability and to speed up and streamline the back office processes.




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2.5M+ Number of documents stored in the system

100K+ Number of workflow tasks created

86% Improvement in average time taken to complete a company registration