Mike graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Information Engineering - combined Computer Science and Electronics. This forms the basis of Mike's extensive knowledge of IT, Telecommunications and Networking. Shortly after graduating, and together with Phil Adcock (also a graduate of Lancaster), Mike co-founded Advanced Systems Consultants - an IT consultancy and bespoke software house. ASC specialised in the development of applications for the newly launched Windows platform, and was one of the first to develop true client/server and n-tier applications before these techniques became the norm.

Such was their scarcity, these skills were in particular demand. This led to ASC securing several high-profile contracts, including the development of an enterprise-scale legal case management and accounting suite for Kienzle Systems, then a subsidiary of Digital Equipment. After an MBO, Kienzle Systems became Axxia, and ASC continued to extend and develop their platform. The architecture used for this project has proved to be exceptionally robust, and it still forms the core of the product sold today. In the early nineties, the Internet was emerging as a key technology for business and consumers alike. Drawing on Mike's telecommunications and networking skills, ASC became one of the first ISPs, and was successful in acquiring a broad and loyal customer base. This spanned both domestic users, who valued the 'hands-on' approach to service and support, and a considerable base of corporate customers, who valued the reliable end-to-end service ASC was able to offer. Such services included implementation, security, software integration and monitoring, and formed a coherent package that few competitors could challenge.

The expansion of the Internet led in turn to widespread interest in the World Wide Web. ASC turned their skills to serving this emerging market, and developed many web sites. One of the most significant contracts was to develop and implement, from scratch, a Web strategy for the Isle of Man Government, covering every department and office, and covering everything from requirements capture to design, to implementation, hosting and support. ASC have since become Domicilium, and are the leading provider of Internet connectivity, hosting and consultancy on the Isle of Man. They also have a wide range of international clients including many blue chip organisations. Over time, Domicilium have developed an advanced and robust hosting and connectivity on the Isle of Man, and are at the leading-edge of ISP and ASP service provision. They are also custodians of the 'im' (Isle of Man) top-level domain, and are a RIPE assigned (LIR) Local Internet Registry responsible for the management of IP address allocations.

In 1995, ASC started working closely with PDMS, and shortly thereafter the organisations merged to become PDMS Advanced Systems group. Subsequently, the organisations were separated into two autonomous units with a largely shared board of directors and shareholders. Mike took on the role of Technical Director of PDMS, and took responsibility for the technical architecture of many ground-breaking projects. This included CD publishing, Web publishing and enterprise scale line of business projects for the NHS, Black & Decker, and many other organisations. This role also involves projects utilising 'early adoption' of technologies such as distributed web applications, Voice over IP, and multi-channel delivery. Mike has also has a pivotal role in the creation, implementation and further development of PDMS' Foundations technology platform. In his role as Technical Director, Mike oversees PDMS' development teams ensuring that the software development process is both efficient and effective.

Mike is also involved in consultancy work, where he is able to apply his broad knowledge of a wide range of IT and telecommunications issues and technologies. This also allows him to turn his hand to new ventures, to IT journalism, and to researching implementing and presenting new and diverse technologies and techniques.

Mike is a member of the British Computer Society (BCS) and the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE).