PDMS' team took part in the day long event in support of The Children Centre

PDMS' team (pictured left to right: Alistair Elliot, Jan Gledhill, Chris Gledhill, Catriona Watt and Cameron Faulds) took part in the event on a gorgeous spring day at the picturesque Conrhenny Plantation. The team was tested over a range of mentally and physically demanding activities.

The first challenge required the team build a trebuchet-style catapult and launched water balloons at competing teams. Well done to Chris for scoring two direct hits!

For the second event, the team used tin baths in an attempt to rescue rubber ducks from the middle of a freezing cold pond. Thanks to Cat and Jan for taking the plunge after the bottom of one of the tin baths fell out! 

The team then took up the challenge to build a bridge, lowering Jan across toxic waste in order to reclaim a precious object at the other end. Next came an orienteering challenge, before lastly taking part in a mountain bike race whilst building a balloon tower which had to support an egg – not something you encounter every day!

We were delighted to gain second place and enjoy a few beers and meal at the end of the day. First place here we come next year! 

Cat & Jan Children's Centre Adventure Team Challenge

Action shot as Cat & Jan take on the Children's Centre Adventure Team Challenge at Conrhenny Plantation

Picture above courtesy of Isle of Man Newspapers. Read the full story .