As a company, we PDMS, feel the conservation and protection of the array of wildlife on the Isle of Man is imperative to be kept safe and the public educated. As a result we feel our sponsorship is in good hands with the MSPCA.

The MSPCA is a charity dedicated to the welfare of all animals on the Island. On average the MSPCA takes in 1600 animals each year and the figure are unfortunately rising year on year. The aim of the staff and volunteers of the MSPCA is to care for and rehabilitate the animals, so they can either be adopted or released back into the wild. All of them that end up in their care at the Foxdale site have either been badly injured or mistreated, some of the staff say there is nothing better than seeing an animal make a full recovery and be back to their happy selves. At the MSPCA site there is a range of facilities for the wide variety of animals that come into their care this includes; kennels; a cattery; a small animals unit; an aviary as well as a seal pen. They run all of this with no funding from the Isle of Man government, so the MSPCA consequently rely on donations and sponsorship.

The MSPCA benefit the community in many ways, one of which being the vast amount of events they organise and run to raise awareness for array of different animals, one of which being the Hedgehog Awareness week the charity ran just under two months ago. The MSPCA also dedicate a large proportion of their time to educating the Manx public about the welfare and protection of all animals, so hopefully in the long run less animals will need to come into their care. Many of the members of the MSPCA are volunteers so do not get paid, therefore a large percentage of the money coming into the charity goes directly on the animals. One of the main tasks the MSPCA undertake is the rehousing of stray dogs who would otherwise be euthanized. The MSPCA base also serves as a way for children and animals to meet a wide variety of animals and also become more aware of the issues they face. Below you can see some of things we did throughout the year:



Donated a new tablet for MSPCA to help them go digital in their tearooms and their new till system.



Delighted to drop off some exciting treats and toys for the animals at the ManxSPCA.



We had a Paws for Thought bake sale where Jake, a previously abandoned puppy, came in with his lovely human, Kerry, to say thank you. 


We're pleased to have also donated 2 laptops to MSPCA. Mia & Alano seem to really appreciate them!