Sales Support Manager, Aimee Buchanan takes part in MCR Pathways to support children in Glasgow’s deprived areas

MCR Pathways is a charitable scheme which helps disadvantaged young people reach their full potential and addresses poverty, unemployment and low levels of education within Glasgow City. MCR Pathways began in six schools in Glasgow’s deprived areas, and there are now plans to implement it in every school within Glasgow City Council by 2018.

Within the scheme volunteer’s mentor and support children in high school aged between 15 and 18 years old. It has been tried, tested and proven to increase mentee’s likelihood of staying on at school or choosing a positive career path. Mentors encourage mentees to acquire the skills, grades and knowledge required to pursue a positive career path, whether this is further education, university, or vocational training.

Aimee Buchanan, PDMS’ Sales Support Manager, joined the scheme in 2015. After undergoing a series of training session and interviews, Aimee became one of 200 mentors and was paired to a mentee. Aimee meets weekly for one hour to discuss school, home life, friends, hobbies - anything which is of concern to her mentee.