Share and control your documents with staff, customers or partners within an easy to use 'online filing cabinet' with search, version control, auditing, reporting and security and permissions management features.

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DoxShare (previously branded the Controlled Document Portal/ CDP) is an ideal solution for any organisation which needs to provide its employees or stakeholders (such as clients, members, affiliates and partners) with access to a central store of documentation, no matter where they are in the world. DoxShare offers more than just a simple online filing system; it ensures that only the most recently published versions of documents are accessed, and by the right people.

From a Word document or Excel file through to a pdf, DoxShare can be used to store documents ranging from quality procedures and processes, product specifications and parts-lists, through to human resources documents or sales and marketing literature.

DoxShare is provided as an on-demand, pay-as-you-go, managed service and can be quickly and easily integrated into existing intranets or websites. Because it is provided as a 'cloud-based' application, PDMS takes care of all the hosting and infrastructure for you, including all maintenance, backups, monitoring, resilience and business continuity. 

Public sector organisations can now buy DoxShare (previously branded the Controlled Document Portal/ CDP) quickly and easily through the G-Cloud Framework as PDMS have secured a place on the G-Cloud catalogue.

Provide your staff, partners or customers with the most up-to-date versions of key documents wherever they are in the world through a single, secure portal.

DoxShare offers a quick and easy solution to supporting collaboration between an organisation's staff, stakeholders, partners, and of course their customers. It is far more secure than e-mail, where sensitive documents can accidentally be sent to the wrong individual. DoxShare allows for complete control over who can see, change, delete or manage your documents, facilitating compliance, which can be difficult to achieve on a typical file-server. 

To find out more about DoxShare, download our DoxShare Brochure



Here are just a few of the key benefits that DoxShare* provides:

  • Provides one central document repository and access-portal for your staff, contractors or intermediaries no matter where they are located or whether they are inside or outside your corporate network.
  • Reduces administration overheads as less time is spent trying to locate the latest relevant document(s).
  • With version control, the risk of keeping multiple copies of changing documentation is greatly reduced.
  • Helps encourage better ownership of documents.
  • Contributes to the effective maintenance of quality management systems and accreditations.
  • Realise savings with reduced storage costs and no additional burden on your internal infrastructure or bandwidth.
  • Enhances security with more flexible control over access to sensitive documents. Downloaded documents can be stored locally in a secure, encrypted repository.
  • Improves regulatory compliance with version control and history.
  • Should your physical offices be inaccessible for any reason, your DoxShare library of documents will besafe and remain easily accessible from any location.
  • Allows customer collaboration and efficiency gains as customers can be provided with secure access to shared documents.
  • Integrates with existing websites so that public documents can be published automatically by DoxShare to your website (or any other site) with no password required.
  • Allows for more secure and easier collaboration with partners, whether on specific projects or on an on-going basis, without the need to constantly send documentation backwards and forwards by e-mail.

*DoxShare was previously branded the Controlled Document Portal/CDP.


Our cloud based DoxShare portal features:

  • Easy Access - web-based system that users can access from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Document Types - supports common document/ file types - from Word and Excel through to PDF's and e-mails.
  • Easy to administer - users and permissions are easy to maintain.
  • Secure - powerful roles/permission-based document access ensures that users can only view documentation they are authorized to see.
  • Easy to Search - powerful search will find documents by searching meta-data (e.g. names, dates, author etc.) as well as the text within a document itself.
  • Easy to Use - highly intuitive and so requires little, if any, training.
  • Reliable - regular back-ups and business continuity provided as part of the service.
  • Quick to Roll Out - we can get the system up and running for you very quickly.
  • Efficient - documents can be downloaded in bulk, if required.
  • Archiving - prior document versions are all stored and available to administrators.
  • Secure Audit Trail - time-stamped audit trail captures the identity of anyone who creates or modifies a document, when the action occurred and the noted changes made.
  • Notifications - e-mails can be sent to a user to notify them every time a document is added or updated in one of their pre-defined folders.
  • Reporting - in addition to a full audit trail for each document, the system administrator can also report on who has viewed a particular document and which documents are the most popular.
  • Mapping - DoxShare can be mapped to Windows Explorer. This means you can access documents via Explorer or the portal and any changes made to folders or documents in Explorer will automatically be updated in DoxShare.
  • Public Facing - selected documents can be made available to the general public via a public facing web page/existing website if required.
  • Flexible - DoxShare can be customised or extended to meet your specific business requirements.
  • Offline Working - users can use the system when offline with automatic synchronisation when back on a suitable network.



How can it be used?

Put the most recent versions of important documentation in the hands of your key people - quickly and securely, wherever they may be

Completely scalable, DoxShare* can be used across a global organisation or by a single department. It can be implemented as a central document repository for any type of business or to help support specific areas of a business.

  • Quality Management - facilitate quality accreditations by storing all of your quality procedures and processes, and demonstrate effective change control.
  • Manufacturing - facilitate effective change control of 'bill of materials', specifications, drawings, test procedures, CAD files etc.
  • Field Engineers - enable engineers, whether on customer's premises or out on the road, to view and download maintenance manuals, parts lists, installation guides, inspection or survey documents etc.
  • Sales Support - allow your global sales network to access brochures, guides, procedures, account forms, order forms etc.
  • Intermediaries - provide one central hub for a huge range of documentation including quotes, application forms, agreements and legal paperwork.
  • Human Resources and Training- distribute workbooks, lesson plans, training materials and presentations to staff or students.
  • Legal Records- provide legal teams with remote, 24/7 access to specific case files, contracts and legal records.
  • Client Documents - centralise all your client documentation from case notes through to financial or legal records.
  • Committee Records - improve efficiency by creating a single portal to manage all committee records including minutes, agendas, attendance records and reports.



This page contains links useful information and resources about DoxShare.

The list below contains links to pdf documents which contain all the information you need to about our Terms and Conditions of Use.

DoxShare is easy to use with very little training required. However, we do offer a number of training options which include a comprehensive user manual, online training resources and one hour training sessions delivered by our experienced trainer via a web demo (available as part of our Silver and Gold packages). The DoxShare User Manual can be downloaded by following the link below:

 DoxShare Personal 

DoxShare Personal is a client application that once installed and configured on your laptop or PC synchronises with your DoxShare site and provides a secure offline tool to access your documents. More information on the benefits of DoxShare personal can be found here.

DoxShare Personal will run on:

  • Windows XP Home
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

The following prerequisites are required and, if not already in place, will be installed by the Installation process:

  • Windows Installer 4.5
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (x86 and x64)
  • SQL Server Compact 4.0

If you have any questions, please contact us

Try DoxShare for free today!

We are offering you the opportunity to try DoxShare on a no obligation to buy, free of charge basis for a one month period.

If you'd like to try DoxShare for yourself, please contact us and we'll set up a secure portal that you can start using right away.



Cost effective with no individual user licences 

DoxShare is available as a fully managed service, making it very cost effective with no requirement for a large capital outlay. In addition, you don't have the overhead of any additional hardware, infrastructure or on-going maintenance costs to consider.

PDMS holds the ISO 27001 security accreditation and manage all the DoxShare software, hardware, backups, business continuity and security from our secure data centres.

There are no individual user licences, and with a monthly subscription charge, it is easy to budget for.

We offer a choice of standard packages to reflect different organisations' requirements, from our entry-level bronze subscription through to silver and gold, which offers an unlimited number of users and branding options. Our packages include training options and on-going support including a fully serviced help desk. We can also offer enterprise partner packages with completely tailored services.

Please contact us to request a copy of our current subscription packages and pricing.


Download and store documents securely on your laptop

DoxShare Personal is an application which allows you to download and store documents locally on your laptop in a secure repository.  It provides access to documents whilst the user is offline and is currently being enhanced so that any changes to documents made offline will automatically be updated in DoxShare once the user is next connected to the Internet. It is a very useful feature for organisations where staff or clients need secure access to documents whilst out on the road, where an internet connection cannot always be guaranteed. 

DoxShare Personal Features

  • View documents when an Internet connection is not available.
  • Synchronise with your main DoxShare site and provide a secure offline tool to access your documents.
  • Only shows the User the folders and documents they have permissions to see
  • Can be configured to automatically check and update the files and folders the user is interested in - to a schedule set by the user.
  • Status bar shows you the last time it synchronised with your core DoxShare site
  • DoxShare Personal app will automatically update to the latest version of the app

Purchase DoxShare quickly and easily through the G-Cloud framework

We are delighted to have secured a place on the UK Government's G-Cloud Framework to provide Software as a Service (SaaS) (such as DoxShare, previously known as the Controlled Document Portal/ CDP) and Specialist Cloud Services.

  • The G-Cloud is the UK Government's programme to adopt cloud-based services.
  • G-Cloud covers the processes of buying, managing and using cloud services.
  • G-Cloud represents a change in the way that government works with suppliers and works internally.
  • G-Cloud provides greater flexibility and freedom for government as departments and organisations can change service provider easily without lengthy procurement and implementation cycles, no "lock-ins" to long contracts and the freedom to quickly adopt better value and more current solutions.  
  • G-Cloud has created a government marketplace of cloud services - called the Digital Marketplace (previously known as CloudStore).

The solutions listed in the Digital Marketplace are already assured for security, performance and service management.

We can also customise DoxShare, through the Specialist Cloud Services Lot, to meet any specific business requirements. 

To find out more about DoxShare please download our DoxShare Brochure.

Purchasing via the Government Digital Marketplace

DoxShare  is available in the Software as a Service (SaaS) part of the Digital Marketplace.

This means that public sector buyers:

  • don't need to go through time and expense by issuing OJEUs
  • have the assurance that every product and service in the catalogue as been accredited to Government standards.
  • will always use suppliers that are approved by Government as being agile, efficient and offering value for money.
  • can find low cost and high quality solutions simply.

To get DoxShare up and running in your organisation, you simply need to establish a call-off contract with PDMS which is a quick and easy process. Contact us to find out more.