• The requirement: A complex business sysfoundations_diagramtem that you need delivered quickly and within a tight budget but without sacrificing flexibility and performance.
  • The decision: Build versus buy? A risky and expensive bespoke development or an off the shelf product with a hefty licence that doesn't fit your business requirements?
  • The answer: PDMS' FoundationsTM - a licence free, tried and tested software architecture, with a library of reusable business components that can be configured to meet the specific needs of your business.
  • The result: A robust, scaleable and cost effective solution that is delivered on time and to budget and fits in with your business processes.

To find out more about FoundationsTM and how our approach could help your business, please download our Briefing Paper   Foundations FrameworkTM - maximising efficiency in software engineering to deliver real competitive advantage for your organisation.


Our  FoundationsTM Project Portfolio

Visit our clients page for an overview of just a few of the successful implementations of our Foundations platform. Look out for the Foundations logo.

A new approach to delivering successful business systems

FoundationsTM has been built to overcome the limitations of off-the shelf software, where one size doesn't really fit all, and the time and cost risks often associated with bespoke developments. FoundationsTM allows us to deliver projects more quickly, saves our clients money and ...

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Foundations - The Technical Architecture

Foundations™ implements a modern tiered architecture, this means that different aspects of the system are insulated from each other in layers or 'tiers'. This approach requires a well designed framework, but once that is in place, greatly simplifies the implementation of specific business ...

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Foundations Frequently Asked Questions

What is Foundations™? Foundations™ is a software development framework and toolkit and design methodology developed by PDMS to facilitate the development of High performance applications in Microsoft .Net Why did PDMS develop Foundations™? Having built a large number of complex web ...

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The benefits Foundations brings to your business

FoundationsTM is a proven example of modern software engineering best practice implemented in Microsoft .Net. It provides considerable benefits for both developer and client by offering the best compromise between build and buy wherever there is a degree of customization required. Reducing ...

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